Why You Need A Lawyer & Some Admirable Traits They Should Possess

We are sometimes forced by certain circumstances to look for legal assistance and representation when we brush our shoulders with the law. Sometimes we have our rights infringed which instigates the motive to look for an attorney.

Let us look at some circumstances and situations that may force you to look for legal representation.

You are being sued

If you are being sued by a company or an individual and the plaintiff is represented by a lawyer, you must consider hiring a lawyer to defend yourself. It may be an issue related to a spouse applying for a divorce. Your spouse or your spouse's lawyer may incorrectly give the impression that you do not need a lawyer in the event of an undisputed divorce. If your spouse has a lawyer, you also need to get one for you in case the divorce situation escalates to worse. You may also receive a subpoena which may also prompt you to acquire legal representation to help you win the case.

Buying or selling real estate

In case you want to buy or sell your house you may need the services of a lawyer especially if you are dealing with a real estate agent. The agent will most likely present you with an earnest money contract that needs further interpretation from a lawyer. Also, you will need one to help you draft a title deed. In most cases, the deed is drawn up by the lawyer from the mortgage lender or title company which implies that they may fail to represent you or your interests. You need a lawyer to help you determine if your interests are well represented in the deed before you sign any paperwork. Otherwise, you may be forced to sign if you are the buyer which might come to haunt you later on.

You are charged with a crime

Unless it is a simple traffic offense, you will need the services of a lawyer if the government sues you for a felony or misdemeanor. Whether you consider yourself innocent, guilty or an accessory, never ignore the fact that you need a lawyer to represent you. The lawyer will try to make a case and defend you by providing evidence that proves you are innocent. You don't want to go behind bars for a crime committed by another party. Also, you don't want to receive a harsh ruling just because you didn't have a lawyer by your side.

Make a will

If you intend to be testate or create will you need to rely on your lawyer to help you draft one. You also need to consult a lawyer before signing the will to make it valid as well as signing it in their presence. However, people assume that you can draft and draw a will when you are faced with a life-threatening situation which is not the case. Once married, you have to make a will. Be sure to include all your children as beneficiaries. Most lawyers do not charge a large commission to prepare a simple will. If you try to write your will, you will most likely make mistakes that will cost your heirs far more than legal fees would have cost.

If you were injured in a car accident

Whether an accident is caused by you or another party you will most certainly require a lawyer. As soon as the accident is reported, insurance companies start investigating the case which requires them to here both sides of the story. If you've been injured, you need to make sure your medical bills are paid and any long-term medical problems are resolved. A personal lawyer is best for you, something that everyone will assume and it's very relevant.

Finding the right lawyer who can handle your case ideally is quite important. Before you choose a lawyer, you must consider the nature of your case first. That way, it can be easy to find an experienced and knowledgeable attorney who will meet your needs and suit your case. 


It is a good idea to have a lawyer who has the ideal expertise related to the area of interest. The expertise involves research, analytical and logical thinking skills. As a client, you are dependent on the knowledge and expertise of your lawyers to help you in various court proceedings. Therefore, it is important that your lawyer is knowledgeable in different legal matters.


Choose someone with experience but not someone who is overloaded with court cases because you don't want divided attention. A lawyer who has just finished practicing law is unlikely to have the skills to best handle your case compare with a lawyer who has a wealth of experience handling similar cases. Therefore, find an experienced lawyer who is not overworked so that he may find the time to concentrate in your case.

Good client relations

Chemistry is also an important factor. You need to get a lawyer you can create a rapport and close partnership. You need someone you can trust and relate with quite easily because you'll be required to hold constant communication. Choose a professional with whom you feel comfortable on a personal and professional level.