Top 4 Medical Alarms Medicare May Well Cover

Deciding whether you need a medical alarm could be a new process for you; also, there are so many medical alarms on the market that selection can be difficult. Once you have decided to buy one, it's essential to understand precisely how these alarms work before you make a decision. This piece reveals everything.

A Perfect Way To Have Peace Of Mind

If you or your family are senior and live alone, buying and installing a medical alarm device is the perfect way to have a peaceful mind and enable you to lead an independent lifestyle. Medical alert systems offer 24-hour surveillance and make it easier for you or your family to request for help immediately if necessary. The best thing is that many medical alarms are easily accessible; Medicare can even cover some!

What Medical Alarms Does Medicare Cover?

Reports from the popular stated that Medicare Part B did covers medical devices. On the other hand, Part B does not offer coverage or maybe discounts for medical alarms, even if a lot of people believe them to be medical devices. Even so, a complementary drug health plan or Medicare Advantage plan could cover the total cost of one of these medical alerts.

Here Are Some Of The Best Medical Alerts:

1. Lifeline: A Respected Name In The Medical Field

Lifeline is part of Philips and offers a wristband or medical alert system with a button, speaker, and receiver. All communication is sent over AT&T, and the buttons are waterproof.

The Philips GoSafe can be used both at home and outdoors. They use Wi-Fi and are better for seniors who travel a lot. In an emergency, Philips will notify the medical staff of your location with an audio signal. The GoSafe Medical Alert costs 149 USD per team and 54.95 USD per month, while the home version starts at 29.95 USD and 50 USD for the equipment.

2. Bay Alarm Medical: The Cheapest Option

Bay Alarm Medical offers affordable monitoring with multiple options starting at19.95 USD a month. It includes tracking at home, a mobile GPS help button with tracking, and a monitoring system in the car with a medical alarm and crashes alarm. The automatic fall detection is associated with additional costs and sends a signal to the emergency services if a fall with a high impact is detected.

The home device has a range of 1,000 feet as well as waterproof call switches that are perfect for seniors or perhaps inhabitants with disabilities who mostly stay at home. This Bay Alarm system can be based on a landline, VoIP, and even cable Internet. There is also the choice to reset and then cancel accidental calls in just 15 seconds.

3. The Well-Known Mobilehelp: The Highest Medical Alarm

MobileHelp provides top quality devices, which employ a stunning cellular connection. The Classic MobileHelp house alarm system offers customers a bracelet and a pendulum button next to a base station.

The Solo model has GPS monitoring, and the Smart option links to MobileHelp's medical monitoring services in a Samsung smartwatch. When it comes to the duo option, the single system and classic alarm system are merged for 41.95 USD a month. It saves a lot of money if you buy each one separately.

4. Lifestation: The Best Value For Money

Buyers praise this product as an affordable and reliable medical alarm system that is easy to use. The package includes a waterproof call button or wristband and a base station that uses your landline. You can also buy LifeStation Plus and use it with cellular connections or LifeStation Mobile with GPS.

Call buttons come with drop buttons and automatic notifications, a range of 1,000 feet for home options, and a service time of up to five days for mobile packages. If you have a medical need for any of the LifeStation alarms, you can get Medicare coverage for the 29.95 USD monthly fees.


When looking for a way to protect your seniors, a medical alarm device is often the cheapest and easiest to maintain for safety. However, it would help if you researched a brand before buying to ensure it offers all of the features you feel comfortable with to protect you or your senior.